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We partner with and deliver our services to gyms, fitness facilities, businesses, corporations and any other organizations seeking health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle improvement solutions for their members, executives, staff and/or employees throughout San Diego, Orange County and Southern California. The majority of our events are open to the public, so if you’re an individual, be sure to check out our schedule and see where we’ll be next!


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So What Makes Us Different?


Found exclusively in professional healthcare organizations until now, there’s no other method for body fat, total body composition and metabolic health testing and analytics that is as quick, comfortable and unobtrusive as DEXA allowing you to lay comfortably and fully clothed on your back for only 5 minutes on average. We maximize the convenience factor by bringing it directly to you.


Our brand new, medical-grade & FDA approved system uses a narrow angle fan beam & proprietary software for employing Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), mapping your entire body on a pixel-by-pixel basis and generating a comprehensive snapshot of your fat, muscle and bone mass in each region of your body (arms, legs, trunk, android, gynoid).


DEXA is expensive, costing $150 - $300 per scan on average, but that’s not us. We’re priced closely to Hydrostatic Weighing & Bod Pods on a per scan basis, but offer alternative pricing formats to gyms, corporations, businesses, fitness, health and wellness facilities. We ensure our customers receive the highest level of accuracy, detail, usefulness and information.

We at CrossFit Incinerator love BodyComp! It was a great way to stress the importance of Nutrition beyond the normal discussions. If anyone wants to pick my brain, I am always happy to discus my experience with James and the BodyComp team.

Jake Worthington
Owner, Coach at CrossFit Incinerator

I was super happy to hear BodyComp was coming to Invictus again so I could get my Dexa Scan report on body fat and total body composition. I know this is the most accurate measurement, providing great metrics that can be used for improving nutrition, body composition and training regimens. It’s something I always encourage my clients to get if they have it available. With the mobile truck not only was it quick and easy, but the service was fantastic and I would recommend any organization to work with the BodyComp team.

Nuno Costa
Head Coach for CrossFit Endurance & CFHQ

What are YOU made of? Thank you to BodyComp for the extremely thorough body scan and body fat analysis. You can't know where you're going without knowing where you are....check out this team for your quantitative milestones along your 2015 journey!

Kelly Grossman
NPC National Figure Competitor / Fitness Model

Tools For Transformation

Get the data and tools you need to set personalized goals and make real transformations.

San Diego Body Fat Testing Company, tools for transformation

Need help putting your BodyComp baseline to work, setting goals and building a nutrition plan? Would you like to know what to eat, when to eat and what activity level makes the most sense, specifically for you? Our professionally diverse staff is here to help, providing optional, as-needed and on-going nutritional and exercise programming services to ensure you get the most out of your efforts.


BodyComp Data & Analytics


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. BodyComp provides you with metric-rich and actionable body composition, metabolic health and bio-metric baseline analytics in order to help optimize your health, fitness & physique, make decisions with confidence, improve over time, monitor, track, and compare your progress so you can achieve your goals with efficiency and effectiveness.

Body Fat Testing San Diego, Body Composition Analysis Features


Not only do we capture exact body fat and regional body fat, we capture and analyze body fat distribution. By gathering this information, such as android or belly fat associated with visceral, unhealthy fat, you can evaluate not only fitness, physique and performance, but personal health risks related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more.


Our DXA systems directly measure and calculate total fat, muscle and bone tissue instead of only estimating body composition showing exactly where fat is distributed throughout the body and providing you with a comprehensive snapshot of your exact body composition and metabolic health including Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Relative Skeletal Muscle Index (RSMI).


We analyze and report on muscle balance proving valuable for injury prevention and optimizing mobility as well as maximizing injury recovery to ensure overall symmetry and health. As bone density is critically important to your overall health and physical capability, we are able to identify and provide bone density analytics including your Z-Score and T-Score.

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